Why Choose Squirrel Professional for your POS?

Every business is different and you should have a POS system that works for your specific needs, whether you have a single unit or a chain of hundreds of locations. Squirrel Professional is flexible, scalable, and modular for a customized solution that’s right for you. Choose from:

  • Multiple operational styles
  • Many options for high speed payment processing
  • A variety of industry-proven hardware, including mobile devices with Squirrel Mobility

An Easier, Faster, and Better Way

You’re in the business of providing an exceptional customer experience and we can help with a POS system that speeds your service. Everything about Squirrel Professional has been designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind.

  • Employee-centric interface is easy to learn and use
  • Edit menus live at the terminal, including price changes and daily specials added on the fly
  • Automatic schedules for menu item and screen availability to reduce order entry items
  • Complete all ordering at once and hold specific items for a set amount of time
  • Enhanced promotion management such as the ability to create preset menus or combo meals
  • Send messages through the POS terminal to ensure your staff receives important communications

Squirrel Point of Sale Overview

Security, Confidence, and Peace of Mind

Did you know that your POS system has to meet certain standards when it comes to credit card security? Squirrel was one of the first POS companies to achieve the highest level of PCI validation, PA-DSS. We can also recommend a simplified, low cost set of tools if you need assistance achieving PCI DSS compliance.


Add-On Modules

If you need a POS system that will do more than just send orders to your bar or kitchen, then Squirrel Professional is for you! We have a number of different modules and interfaces that can help you manage your whole business, from loyalty incentives for your customers, to scheduling your employees, to managing your inventory. These are just some of the add-ons you can use to enhance customer service and boost efficiency:

Customer Relationship Management: Loyalty Programs, Reservation/Waitlist Management, Online Reservations
Enterprise Management
Kitchen Management: Kitchen Display Options, Inventory
Guest Management: Property Management System Interfaces, Meal Plan Management
Labor Cost and Productivity: Labor Scheduling, Productivity and Forecasting
Online Solutions:Squirrel IQ (Above Store Reporting), Remote Menu Management, Online Ordering

Table Service

table service

Restaurant POS Systems Customized For You

From casual dining or family restaurants to pubs or fine dining establishments, Squirrel has the right restaurant point of sale solution for you. With roots in the table service segment, we have been providing POS solutions to the hospitality industry for 28 years!

Our range of restaurant POS solutions ensure we have a solution for everyone, from those with smaller feature needs and budgets to others who require full service hospitality management systems. Depending on the Squirrel POS system you choose, you’ll have access to efficiency-boosting features such as coursing and the ability to create preset menus. Enhanced promotion management — a revenue driver — is also available. Your bottom line will thank you!

Fast Casual


Fast Casual and Squirrel POS

If you operate a Fast Casual operation and are part of the fastest growing segment in the foodservice industry, a Squirrel POS system is a perfect fit for your operations. A variety of features are available to efficiently serve your time-crunched guests.

Many restaurants are moving towards a Flex Casual model where counter service is provided at lunch with table service at dinner. With Squirrel POS, it’s easy to use multiple operational styles on the same system and you’ll be able to report on each revenue center to determine how each area of your business is performing. The flexibility and efficiency you gain will help you concentrate on providing a great customer experience.

Hotel and Lodging

Settle Checks Directly to Guest Folios

Squirrel’s POS solutions cater to hotels of every size. Whether you’re a boutique hotel, a busy downtown hub, a motel on the interstate, or a five-star beach resort, Squirrel’s scalable systems ensure VIP service for every guest.

What is the most important feature of Squirrel’s hospitality POS solutions for hotel properties? A Property Management System interface that allows you to settle checks directly to guest folios — tracking your guest charges is that much easier!

Your Squirrel system can even be used to operate every foodservice revenue center on your property, including:

Room Service
Even a Retail operation if you have one


POS for Your Counter Service Operation

Squirrel’s flexible and customizable point of sale solutions are ideally suited for the institutional foodservice environment, including college cafeterias, assisted living facilities, corporate cafeterias, and other such venues. With features that ensure speedy service, you’ll be sure to get your customers moving through the line quickly. An optional Meal Plan Manager module provides an easy way to track meal plans for students, seniors, or employees

Payment Solution

The Choice of Payment Processor is Yours

Squirrel POS systems support a comprehensive array of payment options so you can select the electronic payment solution right for your business. If the freedom to switch processors to get lower transaction costs is important to you, we deliver flexible solutions that will let you do just that. Choose from a variety of industry-leading processors and switch if you need to in the future for a plan that works best for you.

PCI-Validated Payment Application

If you’re concerned about credit card security, you should know that no cardholder data is stored on Squirrel client terminals. Squirrel was also one of the first to achieve the highest level of PCI PA-DSS validation and we remain committed to maintaining the topmost standards! Note that using a PA-DSS validated application to process credit cards through the POS is just one requirement of your overall PCI DSS compliance obligations. If you need help achieving compliance and strengthening your network security, we can recommend a simplified, low cost set of tools. Read more about PCI here.

Pay at the Table

Squirrel offers the Pay at the Table solution, a convenient and portable system for processing payments right at the table. Give your customers more peace of mind by letting them control their credit and debit cards at all times. For Canadian customers, Squirrel’s Pay at the Table solutions are compatible with Chip and PIN technology.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards

Squirrel offers locally hosted add-on modules so that foodservice operators can accept payment via gift cards and loyalty cards. If you’re looking for a hosted solution, however, Squirrel POS systems integrate with other gift card providers and solutions from a number of payment processors.

Nightclub and Bar

Increase Efficiency with Squirrel POS for Bars

Whether your establishment is a busy stand-up bar, offers table service, or is a combination of both, you can design the solution that best fits your operation with Squirrel’s range of POS systems.In a nightclub or bar environment, it’s important to have the right tools to provide effective customer service and efficiently keep track of orders and payment information at the same time.

Functionality such as the ability to repeat orders with a single keystroke for fast and accurate order entry and to create tabs with preauthorized payment help you do just that. You can also integrate your Squirrel POS system with beverage control and flow metering systems to improve profitability. These are just some of the features and benefits available to you when you purchase a Squirrel POS system!

Data Security

Data Security Solutions

As a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council Participating Organization, Squirrel Systems is committed to continuously reviewing and implementing best practices in our point of sale software to help protect cardholder data. Our software is validated to the latest PA-DSS standard, meeting this component of your overall PCI compliance requirements.


POS for Hospitality

Provide an exceptional guest experience and manage your hospitality business… whatever your operational style.


Table Service

Manage your operations more efficiently to provide your guests the ultimate dining experience.


Fast Casual

Gain the flexibility to manage counter service and table service operations with one POS system.


Hotel & Lodging

Easily manage your entire property’s food and beverage operations, from restaurants and lounges to room service and banquets.


Nightclubs and Bars

Drive revenue by serving as many guests as you can. Bar-friendly PS features help you speed service.



Meal plan management for employees, students, or residents made easy.


Payment Solutions

Get paid fast, on your own terms. Squirrel POS systems support a variety of high speed credit, debit, gift, and loyalty card solutions.


Data Security

Help protect cardholder data with Squirrel POS solutions validated to the latest PCI standards.