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Count on Cabaret Development when quality really counts.  Remember, exceptional service is our standard.
The President of Cabaret Systems, Inc. and Cabaret Development, Jeff Henry, has been involved with the hospitality industry since 1984. He began working with Squirrel© POS Systems in 1987 and, using his POS expertise, opened Cabaret Systems in 1991.  Once established he and partner Bill Perkins began Cabaret Development in 1996. Cabaret Systems has expanded our product offerings by adding Maitre’ D POS Systems to the inventory and is seeing large success with it as well.

The Cabaret Development team draws heavily on the vast expertise of the support team with Cabaret Systems.

Cabaret Development software has to go through lots of testing after development and for that, we are very appreciative of Brian Titler. When Brian is not testing software, he helps our 24/7 support center and also can be found doing installs of Maitre’D and Squirrel Systems.

One of the most important aspects of our company is sales. Though we market our product directly we also offer our products through many dealers in the US and Canada .

At Cabaret Development, we specialize in developing software to ensure the best possible results for our ever growing customer base.

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Popular Products

House Accounts Manager

House Accounts Manager

House Accounts Manager tracks in-house accounts and produces detailed statements and other reports using sales information from your Squirrel POS System.
Export Manager

Export Manager

Some of the most used exports are QuickBooks Payroll Export, QuickBooks GL Export, ADP Payroll Export, PayEx Payroll Export, Ceridian Payroll Export, PeachTree GL Export, FoodTrak Product Mix Export, Inventory Xpress Product Mix Export, Ceridian Payroll Export, PayChex Payroll Export and Great Plains Payroll Export.
Cabaret Cashout

Cabaret Cashout

Cabaret Cashout works with Squirrel POS to create a clean easy to read and use cashout screen.  The screen brings together all the information that owners and managers want to see about any given cashout.

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