The table service industry is all about customer service and upselling. Managers and waiters alike want to encourage customers to enjoy drinks, appetizers, desserts, and specials to drive up the average ticket size and tip amount. Our table service POS system provides a variety of features that help to increase average ticket size, increase table turnover, improve customer service, and streamline food preparation. Employees can spend less time at the computer and more time on the floor serving customers and upselling.


The quick service industry requires employees to work at faster pace and more efficiently than ever before. During peak periods many quick service restaurants have lines out the front door and cars bumper-to-bumper in the drive-thru. All it takes is a simple slip up (giving a customer the wrong drink, forgetting to apply a coupon or charging the wrong amount) to cause costly customer service delays and potential loss of customers. Focus Quick Service POS offers an easy-to-use, intelligent interface to streamline order-taking and shave precious seconds off of service times.

Turnover rates are extremely high in the fast food industry. Seventy-five percent of fast food employees remain at their jobs six months or less, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, with only 53 percent remaining for one year or longer. The Focus Quick Service POS system includes a multitude of easy to use features such as suggestive selling and conversational ordering to make the training process as smooth as possible for new employees.


In recent years, fast casual restaurants have emerged as one of the most popular forms of dining in the food service industry. This is especially true in large, metropolitan areas and other downtown locations. Business people, tourists, and everyone in between are always on the lookout for a place to enjoy a quick lunch.

We know how important it is to serve customers quickly, and our Fast Casual POS software offers restaurants the right features to make it happen. Focus’ POS systems are designed to give business owners a way to maximize their productivity and potential in an industry that absolutely demands it. Fast casual restaurants must serve customers quickly; otherwise, “fast” shouldn’t be in the name.

Focus POS can help your restaurant reach new heights with our Fast Casual POS system. Our POS software will help you speed up order times, track inventory, reduce labor costs, market to customers, maximize the performance of your kitchen, and much more. We understand that every business is unique, so we are dedicated to helping you customize a Fast Casual POS system that meets your specific needs.


Patrons frequent bars and night clubs to unwind, the last thing they want to do is wade through crowds and wait in lines. The ability to manage tabs efficiently is critical to streamlining speed of service. Likewise, the ability to serve drinks quickly is critical to encourage customers to order repeat rounds as well as become repeat customers. Focus’ Bar POS system allows bartenders to easily manage many tabs at one time from a single screen.

Each year, bars and night clubs in the U.S. lose more than $7 billion due to liquor shrinkage, including over-pouring, giving free drinks to friends, and failing to charge the correct amount. Focus auditing and theft prevention reduces theft and loss with detailed liquor inventory reports. In addition, avoid fines and potential lawsuits from fake IDs with age verification from Focus Bar POS.


When customers call a restaurant to order take-out or delivery, they want the experience to be as quick and painless as possible — from phone call to receipt of their order. That’s where a delivery POS system can help. It not only ensures your employees are properly trained to take orders efficiently and accurately, but helps your driver find your customer’s address or place of business quickly and efficiently.


Focus Franchise POS options allow both the corporate office and franchisees real-time access to critical store performance data. Easily view and compare data from individual restaurants to determine trends, change menu items or prices, create promotions, and manage inventory levels. Data is streamed to a centralized server throughout the day so you don’t have to wait until the next day to see how stores are performing. Access store level reports, enterprise reports, trends and graphs or even build custom reports.


With Focus’ Restaurant POS solutions extensive feature set, your restaurant can be streamlined so your daily tasks will be completed quickly and easily.


•Table Service
•Quick Service
•Counter Service
•Bars and Clubs
•Frozen Yogurt
•Franchised Locations

•Custom Screen Layouts
•Packaged Commands
•Suggestive Selling
•High-Speed Credit Card Processing
•Apple Pay Ready

•Online Ordering
•Kitchen Video
•Remote Reporting
•Customer Displays
•Menu Boards

•Sales Reports
•Labor Management Reports
•Inventory Reports
•Sales Contests
•Enterprise Reporting
•House Account Statements
•Email and Text Alerts

•Historical Projected Sales
•Real-Time Labor Cost and Labor Percentages
•Reusable Schedules and Templates
•Fingerprint Control

•Mult-Store Processing
•Integrated, Reloadable Gift Cards
•Points Based Loyalty
•Sales Based Loyalty
•Around the World Loyalty
•Gift Card Reload Loyalty
•Customer Portals